Cloud Controller

Cloud Foundry's central API server, built clear and correct with Ruby on Rails.

Code @ Github

BOSH Bootloader

A batteries-included CLI for provisioning BOSH environments on different IaaSes

Code @ Github


a tiny, hacked up golang cli for verifying simple file verification format files

Code @ Github


tiny slackbot as a flask app for putting my friend luan's face into messages.

Code @ Github


cloud foundry's proven, scalable container scheduler. A collection of Go microservices.

Code @ Github


a color-based C++ video motion tracker written and optimized in C++ with openMP using a velocity-sensitive particle filter

Video @ YouTube, Code @ Github


a search engine and pdf viewer for open-access scholarship being developed in Meteor

Landing @, Code @ Github


a digital photography collection lamenting the end of a winter

View it @ MELT, Code @ Github

this site

completely static and hosted first on, then digital ocean, and now github pages.

Code I find embarassing @ Github